Alpha season 6
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Wasdit Project


On our platform’s profiles you can add all of your games, show your teams, link your videos and display your usual gaming hours. Customize and upgrade your profile by using Wasdit Tokens earned during the seasons.

Team Finder

Find the best player that fits in your team by looking at his match history, schedule and skills. Look for new friends to play a quick match using our discord Bot.

Game Calendar

Use the calendar tool to optimize your time. Remember your battles, tournaments and events to schedule your training time in a simple and fast way.


Battle your friends and opponents in custom or standard challenges putting your points on the line. Be the best by competing in the ladders and test your abilities.

Tournament &

Use Wasdit Tokens to participate in tournaments and win Tokens and prizes. Compete in free events to earn large sums of points to use on our platform.

Manage groups

Improve your group by keeping track of the progress of your team members. Give them ranks to prove their loyalty and watch them become better players.

Discord Widget

  • Sign Up in our platform
  • Start earning points in your favourite discord server
  • Convert your points to our token
  • Use your tokens to redeem rewards
  • Enable the Widget in your discord
  • Start earning points for your community
  • Convert your points to our token
  • Use your tokens to improve your community


Road Map


Pre Season
(May 2018)

It will be possible to start collecting points from the first of May before the release of platform so to have an advantage over the other users.
The pre season will end with the beginning of the first season.


Beta platform release
(June 2018)

It will be possible to use all the functionalities of the platform but eventual future proposals will be considered.


Second Season
(July 2018)

Start of the second official season, seasons will last for two months, at the end of the season all your points will be converted in Wasdik Tokens.


Discord App
(January 2019)

Creation of mods for discord to access in a more direct way all the functions offered by our bot and our platform in order to always have all the information regarding your groups available.


Official Release
(May 2019)

All the services on the platform will be definitive and the platforms graphics will be redefined. We will continue updating the system with new games, events, battles and functionalities.


Phone app
(July 2019)

IOS and Android app to help you manage your groups and profiles. Stay in contact with your team and get notified when you have an upcoming battle, tournament or event scheduled on your calendar.


USA and Asia Release
(May 2020)

Given the difficulty of intercontinental challenges due to excessive ping in game, we will go on to create two other platforms identical to the european version also for the asian and american continent.